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I first came upon this idea at the age of 7, and for me, the opportunity to ask the question came five years later, in the fifth grade of our elementary school. The teacher held an introduction to algebra class and she elaborated on general concepts of mathematics, stating, “those of you who will study in the future higher mathematics will deal with the concept of infinity.” That was my question, I jumped up and asked, “teacher please tell me how can I comprehend infinity?”
She stopped for moment, hesitated, and oriented her wooden pointer horizontally in her hands and said, “Imagine that you extending both ends of this pointer forever. That will be infinity.”
I replied, “but teacher, if I am going to do that, I will die before I comprehend it.” For the next 12 years my mind was preoccupied with one thought only, infinity. I struggled with this concept in every conceivable way. With time, I could go into an altered state in seconds by disconnecting all of my five senses.
In order to elaborate any further we have to look at the reality of our existence. The reality of living in this plane consists of three states: waking, sleeping and dreaming. Waking state is utilizing our five senses by which we are interacting and shaping our reality. Through the filter of consciousness, all live experiences from the waking state are loaded into our subconscious mind, which in the sleeping state will get reorganized and partially realized in the dreaming state. We have to note that when in the sleeping state the conscious mind no longer has an influence on how your subconscious is reorganizing the acquired experiences or how they will be realized. Sometimes the dreams are so horrible that you are glad that you come back to your conscious reality and regain some control.

Presented above is the normal reality which we all are struggling with every day of our life. No matter what you do, where you are, you always will be in one of these states. From the moment you are born and make your first sound from your own vocal cords, “mama”  you will be imbedded in foreign sounds which will follow you throughout your life. The most prevailing one is “don’t” and “no.” Starting from your parents, school, church, work place, institutions and finally the government. They all are building invisible walls of limitation around you by utilizing various tactics like persuasion, indoctrination, fear and ultimately brute force till you conform. So the conclusion is that there is only one norm, you conform and accept this as normal reality and never question the wisdom of those who  always know better how you should live. If you don’t you will be labeled a sociopath or insane, where both labels have negative connotation and are not “normal” according to collective unconsciousness of our society. But if you cannot conform and thoroughly understand the ugliness of this arrangement, you can become a hero, persuade enough followers and change everything, but you must be prepared to pay the ultimate price if you do not succeed.
In the moment when you wake up to your waking state the brain immediately starts generating thoughts and reacting with the reality through your five senses. You are blanketed with a cloud of thoughts and invisible walls of limitation are arranged in such a way that they form a tunnel. You are entrapped; you can only go where the tunnel takes you. You have lost your sovereignty, you forget who you are, you become an insignificant part of the system, and you are conditioned to be in that state from the first days of your life. The horizontal control of invisible walls is as old as humanity; it has been in use for eons of time and is still working today. You cannot control these horizontal walls; they have been set by gods and used by kings and rulers who came after them. Let them have it.
The top of the tunnel is blanketed with your thoughts; your brain can generate one thought at a time, like a machinegun that can only shoot one bullet at a time. There is a gap between every thought and every bullet. If you slow down the fire and your thoughts the gaps get bigger, but when you finally stop the thoughts you unveil the door.  You knock and the door will open. Once you find this door it is yours, it will open every time you knock you can go there as you please; you can stay there as long as you want. Now you are sovereign again. You can make a connection with your higher self, you can watch the plane below and see how the game is played. You can see things which were impossible for you to see before. The Bible’s promise was fulfilled.  The door, once found, will open; actually the door is waiting for you all the time and is always ready for you.

This place becomes my sanctuary where nobody can mess around with me. The most beautiful thing about this place was that nothing from this reality will ever follow you there. This was a freedom from my physical self. I found the door, I opened and kept it open. I go there as often as time allows, sometimes even for a few seconds.
I stated that I found the door, but today I am convinced that it is not true. I only posed the question and by doing so I brought it to existence in this reality. The question wanted to be answered because then it will fulfill its purpose for its existence. The question wants to be united with the other half of itself which is the answer, and this is the duality of this universe. The question knew that the answer is not in this reality, not in this plane, and guided me to the door.
Of course I did not know this at that the time. I considered this discovery as something normal, that everybody was doing the same thing, except that nobody was talking about it. For me this was as natural and normal as any other function of daily life. Eventually I brought the question to this new reality and I have been doing this for several years, the frustration grew, the time was passing and there was no sign of making any progress. There was only one source left which was God himself. I talked to him every day, but it was only a monologue. I knew about God from my catechism classes, that he is omnipotent; everything he does is perfect and yet there was me created by God and struggling with something simple like infinity. I asked God, “why did you make me so stupid? How can I love you without knowing you? You are infinite and this question is for you.” What I did was very human. I delegated the question and the burden of it to him; after all he created the whole thing, this is his universe, including me, and he could very well put the questions and answers together rather than throwing the pieces all over the universe.
Twelve years passed by, I exhausted all my mental capacity, my brain refused to dwell any further on the subject. I knew deep in myself, that if I did not stop I would probably go insane. Meanwhile, on this plane of reality I visited Los Angeles for the first time. My friends were leaving for a two week vacation to the Orient and it ended up that I was house sitting for them. On this fateful day which I will never forget, that Saturday morning when I woke up being completely alone in an empty house with the prospect of two weeks of uninterrupted possibilities for mental explorations, the events started unfolding. It was nine in the morning. With open eyes fixed on the ceiling above me, I started contemplating and thoughts started forming : who am I, who are these people whom I called my friends and what am I doing in this place? Little by little I was drifting into the familiar state of altered consciousness when I noticed some gentle tingling in my legs. I started paying attention, the sensation was steadily moving upwards. When it made it to my solar plexus, suddenly I realized that I could see my own body from the ceiling looking down. The consociation of self was exactly the same; it was still me except now I was self-aware intelligence. I had direct access to knowledge, could move through the house without using doors, I could see without using the eyes. Every think was happening effortlessly with ease instantly responding to the intention. It was an overwhelming feeling of bliss, tranquility and peace. The familiar states experienced through our body of stress, pain, tension, suffering, sorrow were nonexistent. Everything of the surroundings remained the same, except it was perceived by me as crystal clear; there was different vibration about everything.
I was exploring my new capabilities and suddenly the question of infinity manifested itself. The reaction was instant. I was zoomed out with some uncompromising force, accelerating, doubling the speed with every fraction of passing time. It grew and grew, transforming into a tension which felt that if it did not stop the whole thing would explode and cease to exist. That was my last thought before the barrier was broken. In that instant I became the whole universe; the past, present and future became one.
I arrived through a pitch black tunnel to the light without source or horizon; the glow was in deep amber. This was infinity. The drop of water became an ocean. The question was brought with me to its source and got united with the answer; we all became one, a singularity.  I was in it, I could feel, sense and comprehend through experience the essence of timeless infinity, the attribute of singularity which is unified and held in place by the field of universal intelligence. The consciousness of self was intact, it was me. The energy of love permeated from the amber glow. I was perfect and complete.
Whoever controlled this experience allowed me to stay there as long as it took to satisfy the comprehension, in that instant when this was accomplished the same force brought me back to my body. I got back to this reality at three a.m. on Wednesday morning. The Bible was right again, the question got answered. It took exactly twelve years but the promise was kept. Finally I was in peace with myself; I got my comprehension, which came with the gift of unshakable faith.
Jesus once said “you all can do what I do.” This is another Bible statement which to me is absolute truth. We all can do what he did, so why in 2000 years and today there are 7 billions of us, no one has come forward with this capability? Maybe we can find the answer in an old Hindu story about the elephant who was tied up by the shoestring to the stake; he died from hunger not knowing that really he was always free. The only conceivable way that can explain why I am not perfect despite being created by a perfect God with all probability lies in the duality of this universe.


The duality was brought into existence by the Big Bang, the explosion of perfect singularity. The perfect creation of God including me, did not destroy singularity nor eliminate any of its fundamental attributes which are infinity and intelligence. The force of the Big Bang separated united particles and accelerated them with near speed of light in two opposing directions. They still retain their singular property yet they are united by an invisible string of a unifying force of intelligence which allows them to react to each other instantly despite the fact that they are separated by millions of light years apart.
The force of separating particles exposed infinite amount of strings which, when stretched by the Big Bang, created the fabric of space and time. The unifying force of intelligence is the major conductor of all forces of nature and is the only source for that which permeates everything there is. It is the only source for this universe and life. The tachyons are part of this energy field.  The whole universe communicates through this web.

Experiments conducted on human DNA provide empirical evidence for this phenomenon of communication. A sample of DNA was removed from the donor’s mouth and taken away, the distance did not matter, and was placed under microscope for direct observation. The subject was asked to create negative depressing thoughts. The sample DNA reacted instantly with stress and compression of the spiral. When the donor created positive thoughts, the sample decompressed, unfolded and relaxed.
Based on same principles, described above, the whole universe is interconnected including us Ser Humana, we whole are connected, and we are one. It becoming apparent that it is more important what you think, rather than what you eat. The significance of this experiment has practical ramifications. If our DNA is responding to our thoughts then by controlling our thoughts we actually control our DNA and everything that is associated with it. This is a mechanism with which we may be able to affect the outcome of a terminal disease.

"The Five Senses" by Hans Makart

The five senses in your physical body are only the nerve endings of your central nervous system, they can only do what they are designed for: gather and transfer information, out of which your brain will construct your reality. You can learn how to shut them off and if you do that, then that reality ceases to exist for you.
When the particle arrives from this free energy state and enters into our material universe it has to slow down in 1 billionth of a second, converting his free energy to the high density energy which may be recognized as trace of mass and interact with other subatomic particles in the atom. The tachyon field supplies the energy needed for all living organisms until balance is achieved, then it eases until called up again. These energy resources are infinite and freely available. Like light carrying within itself all the wavelengths of the rainbow, the tachyons combine all known energies and are the only source of them; they  cannot be influenced by any other form of energy. Tachyon energy is holistic because it accepts the notion of two interdependent universes which are actually indivisible: our visible sub-light speed universe, and the invisible faster than light universe which is also ours.

Whole Body Aura

Remember we have body, mind, and spirit and they each have to have their own universe as well.  The healers are channeling the tachyons fields to affect spontaneous cures. All living organisms generate their own electromagnetic fields which are millions of times stronger than fields generated by non-organic matter. These electromagnetic fields manifest themselves in the form of auras, which are saturated with haptens which belong to the group of volatile antibodies cocooning around the bodies several feet in diameter. These antibodies can act as triggering points for allergic reactions in individuals with serological conflicts. Mostly women are affected due to pregnancies, especially when the fetus in the mother’s womb has the father’s serologically conflicted blood. In some extreme cases, especially with multiple pregnancies, this prolonged exposure to antigens can provoke the onset of anaphylactic shock and death of the women. It is one of the most  unrecognized reasons for most of the divorces in the human population. This condition is easily preventable. It can be diagnosed with a simple test and yet is completely ignored and unknown in our society.
It is ironic to realize that 2.5% of our physical existence will in fact be able to control and utilize almost 99% of our activities in this reality. This physical experience is only a blink of an eye in relation to eternity and yet is so deeply imbedded into our consciousness that we start to accept this as the only reality and willingly relinquish our sovereignty to the spoils of this earth, allowing ourselves to be enslaved by the biggest evil  of this world “money.”  Our governments and spiritual institutions are corrupted by the same evil.

Tree photo




Symbol of self and its growth process; connects spirit, earth and underground; symbol of immortality.










The Mind, Body, and Spirit require equal representation among its components in order to function at its best, and yet it is so painfully obvious that the most temporary component of the trios, the Body, is holding and engaging almost 99% of the available limited time, whereas the everlasting eternal Mind and Spirit have to share only the remaining one percent between them. This is a extremely unbalanced system and its condition is reflected in our COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUSNESS. We are presented with the difficulties of dealing with the concept of separation of the body from the remaining two components Mind and Spirit, and the terrifying reality known as death, which is  something overwhelming that we are not at ease with, and is a source of anxiety and stress.

But is it really?  How can one define oneself? The only thing that adequately will fulfill this requirement is I AM, and it is mine. This concept can be illustrated by means of any native language of this planet. Let’s start with I AM and this is my body, my head, my hands, my legs, nose, teeth, etc. You will name all 100 trillions cells in your body to the last drop of your blood and you will not find your self there. So this is all yours, it belongs to you, but it is not you. So we covered the physical aspect of self and the elusive “I” was not there. Now if we look further we will no longer be in the material world: my mind, my spirit, my Soul.  So even the soul is yours and also is not you.  So is it remotely possible that I AM is really HIM (God)? Jesus said that “The Kingdom of God is Within” and so it is, which means that God exists within us at all times; we are part of Him. We don’t have to go looking for Him because we already have Him.  But this is the question which everyone has to answer for himself.

Holistic Health

The background presented is a form of introduction to a holistic concept of the universal unity, through which we can gain some basic understanding of the complex relationship of our existence in the Earthly environment, its influence on the life forms occupying it in space and time, and how we are affecting this eco-system through our invasive actions, which are often driven by greed and temporary gain. The experiments conducted on a global scale by the Frankenstein laboratories of agro business are perfect example of these actions. Altering your food genetically is changing the environment, adding sugar to you food is changing the environment.

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