The quintessential summary of mind body connection can be expressed in a very laconic statement:


 The mind-body communication overrides the normal biological processes and can affect the body’s response with the lighting speed of anaphylactic shock. The archetype symbols of language, imbedded in to our collective unconscious, mirrored through out our culture, are shaping the belief system of our mind, which in turn will modulate the immune response of our body. Your body will respond to the way you think, feel, and act and this will compose your emotional health. In order to maintain good emotional health you have to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and most important of all is to know who you really are. The unique connection of your conscience with the higher self creates the only authority, which can override the archetype symbolic belief system of the mind. Once this connection is established it will provide the wisdom to correctly assess and scrutinize the archetype symbols and replace them with the belief system, which will be thoroughly beneficial to the uniqueness of one-self and provide freedom to step away from the box of collective unconscious, which does not necessarily have your own best interest in mind.

by Eric Peterson
Immune cells (stained blue) end in protective caps called telomeres (stained yellow) that are shorter in elderly and in persons suffering chronic stress.

Science explains some of the mechanism behind Mind-Body connection. Science Daily (July 15, 2008) – “Every cell contains a tiny clock called telomere, which shortness every time the cell divides. Short telomeres are linked to a range of human diseases, including HIV, osteoporosis, hearth disease and aging.” The study shows that the enzyme within the cell, called telomerase, keeps immune cells young by preserving their telomere length and preserving the ability of the cell to divide.

UCLA scientists found that the stress hormone, cortisol, suppresses the immune cells ability to activate there telomerase. This may explain why the cells of people under chronic stress have shorter telomere.  Rita Effros a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA stated: “When the body is under stress, it busts the production of cortisol to support a “fight or flight” response if the hormone remains elevated in the blood stream for long periods of time, though, it will wear down the immune system.”

The fight -or- flight response is a natural reflex we have like all animals for our survival. When initiated it will take priority over all other metabolic functions of the body and will bypass the function of our rational mind. The elevated state of alert will make us perceive everything as a possible threat to our survival causing us to overreact to the slightest confrontation. Once entrapped in to this vicious circle, our life becomes a series of short-term emergencies, moving from one crisis to the other. The fear becomes a veil through which we will see the distorted reality. This unconscious, automatic, response of fight-or flight in today’s reality, where physical threat is replaced with psychological stress by an “ego” driven society can be self-defeating and actually affecting the state of our psychological, emotional, and spiritual survival, bringing our body to elevated exhaustion, chronic fatigue, or burnout and of course disease.
The “ego” driven society, which is characterized by accepting as normal, the seeking of monetary and material wealth, position of power, and control of others, allowed to go on without regard for anyone or anything. These desires and viewpoints of individuals create the model on which our society is based on, and this indeed is the model set for self-destruction. This is a toxic environment, when the worst traits of humanity are glorified to the point of total acceptance, as a prevailing standard for our modern society. The “ego” wants to be a God and this desire, if not brought under control, can bring catastrophic consequences to humanity.  Despite the thousand years of evolution today’s man has the same body parts that our caveman ancestor from 30,000 years ago. The ancient enemy of a stone-age man the saber tooth tiger is replaced with the modern predators, which hunt us today, the so called superior adversary, like your boss, policeman, authority, IRS, and government.
Any challenge to Mind-Body activates in the portion of the brain called hypothalamus mediators, which demand the adrenal gland to initiate the secretion of hormones primary adrenalin and noradrenalin from the adrenal medulla and cortisol from adrenal cortex.  Cortisol is responsible for converting fats and proteins into energy. It needs to be noted that converting proteins to energy is not normal for the body function, under normal conditions, it will be the last resort to utilize protein as an energy source, but when the body is geared into survival mode, all the resources will be made available.

african 'BIG BELLY" kid photoWe all are familiar with the pictures of malnutrition among children from Africa, the characteristic skinny bodies with big bellies. Their bodies are in the last desperate leg of survival, they are converting proteins to energy to sustain body function. The albumin and globulin proteins responsible for holding blood serum in the blood vessels and capillaries are being taken away and metabolized, in turn, low levels of albumin and globulin in the circulatory system cause the escape of blood serum into the intercellular spaces, this translates to swelling of the abdominal area, the blood gets thicker and the life is ended.  Unfortunately, our body reacts the same way to threats, regardless if they are real or imagined. Understanding concepts such as fight-or-flight stress response provides you with a foundation to understand how relaxing techniques have an ability to intercept the stress response.

The fight-or-flight is controlled by autonomic nerves system (ANS), responsible for all known unconscience controlled body functions, like the heartbeat, digestion, and all chemical reaction in endocrine and immune systems. The (ANS) is composed of two branches: the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), the initiator and accelerator for all the bio-chemical reaction finally expressed through body language, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), a reversal of (SNS) action, and bringing the body chemistry to pre-stress levels. Our body with its biochemistry, nervous system, conscious and subconscious mind, is perfectly equipped to function in the continuous state of homeostasis, maintaining constant equilibrium of all mind – body function. However, disrupted homeostasis will manifest itself with the failed function of the tissue, organ, or the whole system. Even pathogenic bacteria will not cause disease until it finds a proper environment in the body for its proliferation. Mostly anaerobes are responsible for this condition. The least oxygenated areas in the body are preferred as the birthing grounds for anaerobic pathogens like periodontal sulcus, joints and heart valves, which have very poor vascularisation and therefore are poorly oxygenated. We need to remember that our body mass is represented by 75% of water, and water contains 89% oxygen by weight. Oxygen is the most abundant element in our physical structure and is essential to our existence. You can survive for two months or more without food, nine days without water, and only a few minutes without oxygen. The properly oxygenated tissues and organs in your body create an environment that is uninhabitable to disease causing microbes, viruses and fungi.  A properly oxygenated body is the best insurance you can buy for pennies a day (food grade peroxide).
It takes an average of five years before you will see the first manifestation of symptoms of the disease. You have to work hard for five years, repeating the same nutritional mistakes over and over again, to put your body out of an internal functional balance. Your body is desperately trying to communicate with you, through its body language and its inner voice, but you cannot hear it, nobody has taught you this, and suppressed by “ego” you have not figured this out on your on. Then in desperation, after five years of fruitless attempts of failed communication, it hits you with its defense arm, “Pain.” Your “ego” will notice this, it may even get scared, you will seek help, and you are going to get fixed, however, on the lowest level, which is your body, and this will be only a temporary fix.

You have to remember that your mental state, attitudes, and belief system, expressed by your action, brought the disease in the first place. If you want to be healed, all your attitudes, beliefs, and  “ego “mentality have to be changed. The intention of this author is to open your mind to all these new possibilities and bring you to an enlighten state of freedom, which you truly deserve because the spirit communicates with the mind and the body. The healing process can be only initiated at the mind – spirit level. Your body can be fixed but only temporally.

Mountains photo



Symbol of self; representing the three basic parts of self; striving to achieve higher enlightenment; a figurative space from which the hero can see clearly; uncertainty, dangers.









Believe in divine intervention, in illness and healing, is related to religious beliefs. In the    religious sense faith (belief without evidence) is trusting the God who heals you, and can do the impossible.  The New Testament definition: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”… (Hebrews 11: 1).  “Your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Be cured from your illness”. (Jesus). The archetype symbol of the language “ a peace of mind”.

On the extreme end of spectrum of faith, we come across the Mystical Stigmata. The ecstatic bear on their hands, feet, side or brow, the marks of the Passion of Christ, symbolizing the extreme suffering and pain embedded into the unconditional love for the Savior. They welcome the pain, believing that it brings them closer to God. The phenomenon of stigmata is often associated with spontaneous healing in presence of stigmatic. These spiritual beliefs have tremendous influence and control of your mind, and your mind has tremendous influence and control of your body. Mind, Body, and Spirit a trinity, which communicates through universal intelligence.
For the first time in the history of the stigmata and apparitions there is scientific evidence that these events are actually taking place and are truly magnificent. We have a first hand look into the spirit – body connection and neurophysiology of the body’s response during these events, recorded in real time under the scrutiny of a panel of scientists, doctors, neurologists, Jewish, and atheists. The supernatural nature of Nancy Fowler’s brain activities were subjected to EEG monitoring, which was time coordinated with a separate video recording of her behavior during these apparitions.

4 hertz to 3hertz delta activity of normal brain are associated with deep sleep or coma and yet, she was fully alert and communicative, capable of keeping distance to the unfolding events, which excluded evidence of psychotic disturbances. “The psychotic person would get lost in the vision and would not be able to maintain a distance from it,” said Dr. Hogben, the psychiatrist participating in the experiment.  Dr. Sanchez claims; “ that there is no known precedents in the world, what Nancy performed was a physiological impossibility.”
When she reported seeing Jesus, the delta activity was in the reoccurring pattern of 3 hertz 3,3,3, the symbol of trinity. On the other hand, when she reported seeing Satan the EEG was registering 6 hertz with the recurring pattern of 6,6,6, a symbol of the Beast. During the several apparitions of the Virgin Mary, the delta activity consistently registered 4 hertz. The radiation detection system always detected increased ionized radiation in the room during the apparitions.
Electrical conductivity of the skin of 0.2 millivolts, represents the most complete state of relaxation, 1.5 to1.7 millivolts reflects anxiety. When Nancy was tested before starting the experiments she was in a state of anxiety but at the moment she started praying she fell into a deep state of relaxation.

The true stigmatic wounds have to have the following characteristic: they have to be deep, lasting for a prolonged period of time (years), localized on parts of the body corresponding to the wounds of crucifixion, and always gushing fresh blood with no signs of infection. The blood analysis revealed that the blood type is the blood of a stigmatic himself, with a high content of neutrophils and low levels of wounds healing factors.
Neutrophils are the most abundant white cells in humans, having a life span of 5 days in circulation and 1 to 2 days once they migrate into the tissue. They are the first responders (minutes) to an acute state of inflammation. They are phagocytes capable of ingesting microorganisms and particles; they can internalize and kill many microbes. Activated neutrophils cause the release of web-like structures of DNA, which trap and kill microbes externally.  Neutrophils come from Latin word “neuter” meaning “neither,” and the Greek word “philein” meaning “to love,” so it can be pronounced as “ love neither.”

From these findings it became apparent that true stigmatic wounds will not heal readily and will not get infected. The excitation of brain cells is known to cause elevated levels of neutrophils in the blood stream without presence of infection. The high level of spiritual excitation, by contact with the Devine, affect the brain cells, and is micro-managing the genetic response of gene expression through which the immune response is modulated.  This process has different dynamics than normal physiology on the body level and under these circumstances everything is possible.
The first recorded person to bear the wounds of “Christ Passion,” in history was Saint Francis of Assisi (born Giovanni di Bernardone; 1181-1182 – October 3, 1226). On July 16, 1228, Pope Gregory IX pronounced him Saint. In a painting by Jusepe de Ribera, Saint Francis of Assisi was depicted as a Mystic, Confessor, and Founder with his arms stretched exposing his stigmata, which was clearly, visible on the palms of his hands.  He received them in 1224, two years before his death in 1226.

Saint Francis of Assisi (born Giovanni di Bernardone; 1181/1182 – October 3, 1226)

This evident mistake was repeated hundreds of times by medieval painters and sculptures, depicting crucifixion with the palms of the hands nailed to the cross, giving Roman crucifiers a bad name, which as professionals, they knew better, that nailing through the hands would not support the body weight and the tissue would tear down, consequently messing up the elegant procedure used by the crucifers. The sophistication of nailing through the rest of the hand by Roman crucifiers was based on the extended knowledge of anatomy, the need to drive the nail in such a way that it would miss the main artery and infringe on the main nerve, prolonging the live of the victim who suffered from excruciating pain. This believe evolved into a system, which has entered into the collective unconscious of society and any challenge to this wisdom, in the time of inquisition, resulted in a short cut to the stake. 350-recorded stigmatic depictions followed this path with the wounds on the palms of their hands throughout history to modern times. Finally, when science presented evidence and proved that Romans were correct, the modern stigmatics started correctly exhibiting their stigmata on the rest of the hand. The conclusion drawn from these facts I leave for your consideration, but please never underestimate the power of believing.

If you will reflect on the history of this phenomenon you cannot escape from forming a conclusion that the common denominator for all these experiences is light. “Let there be light” Creation. The life giving force, the light being, brilliant light, glowing light, radiating light, loving light, imbedded in light, tunnel of light, Mysterious light, and Devine light. These are some of the descriptions given by the survivors of NDE, (near death experience), stigmatic, and those experiencing apparitions.

So what is the light? It definitely is a stimulator of sight, making things visible, it is scientifically described as electromagnetic radiation characterize by wavelength from 390 to 740 nm. (visible light spectrum), traveling in the form of electromagnetic waves with the speed of light, a pure energy supporting live processes on our planet. Light is the best carrier of information. If we consider today’s communication based on radio, TV, and microwaves combined, it will represent only 1/10,000 of the transmitting capabilities of the light spectrum. Information’s magnitude in terabits will be expressed with numbers followed by 16 zeros. This is going to be the next quantum leap of humanity into the light speed communication. These technologies exists today, one LED bulb is capable of transmitting a full TV program. The grid already exists, we only need to replace the light bulbs to programmable LEDs, and the new world light web will become reality.
In divagation of the phenomena of light, this is the most significant consideration, the concept of “duality of light.” Human observation transforms light waves into light particles, you may say to experience reality, but in fact it is the transformation of energy to matter. The same phenomena will take place if you install any recording device during an experiment, the electromagnetic light waves will convert to light particles, when you turn off the recording device the particles instantly transform to light waves and the burning question arises; how does the photon know that it is being observed?
The answer to this question will change the whole foundation of our sciences. The transcended view found in ancient religious texts provides a plausible answer; “The basic building blocks of the universe is not matter but conscience it self.” That explains it, so now I can say that in reality, light is a conscience of God, the energy unquoted with an infinite amount of information, his conscience is everywhere, “ the ember glow without horizon permeating with energy of love,” my personal experience of infinity. This brings me back to the wisdom of the forest man from my childhood; “Look! Everything here is alive and is intelligent and it knows that you are here, if you learn how to listen they are all going to tell you their stories, they will be your friends, if you will respect them.” I remember when walking through the forest, I heard this tiny squeaky voice coming from under my foot, I stopped and started looking, I could not see it, then I kneeled down and started looking closely, I still could not see it, but the squeaky voice was aggravated with the richest anger, and suddenly I could see him, such a tiny pebble, I could see him through my third eye, the eye of my soul. I stepped into his tiny world and disturbed him. My feeling of sorrow followed, by overwhelming love, finally quenching his anger. This is one of my better lessons from the time when nature spoke to me.

desert photo



Symbol of spiritual aridity;
death, hopelessness.









We all possess the outstanding power to heal ourselves and it is stored in our mind. If your mind is kept open, you will learn the true way,even from nature. The universal truth permeates from every tree, river, mountain, sea and sky.  You just have to realize it, and it will move you to a fully enlightened state. Your healing powers of the mind will be greatly enhanced if accompanied by a strong spiritual belief. The emotional center of the brain, the hypothalamus, transforms emotion into physical response. Chemical hormonal messengers in the form of neuropeptides carry emotions back and forth between the mind and the body; they also influence every major section of the immune system. This is a true mind – body complex, designed to function as a single unit. When we apply our mental healing powers we can heal not only our mental and emotional afflictions but the physical maladies as well.

The mind, through the spirit, attracts the healing energies, which get amplified and strengthened by the body. Positive thoughts are essential to generate positive results and they boost the immune system, while, negative thoughts and emotion suppress the immune response. The true nature of our mind is to be enlightened and peaceful, calm and clear, with the power to heal pain and stress and blossom into peace and joy.  This state of mind is practically impossible to be realized in an “ego” controlled reality. When we yield to the demand of the “ego” and mentally grasp and emotionally connect to our wants of wealth, power, control, position, we will lose our enlighten freedom and the healing power, in exchange for stress, exhaustion and suffering, followed by disease and misery. “Ego” the archetype of self, the “ego” is a conscience mind. To achieve and maintain the state of enlighten freedom, it will be only possible if we replace “ego” with love then the whole world will change.

The archetype in Jungian psychology defined as: inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious. Primordial: That is we as the individuals, have these archetypal images ingrained in our understanding before we are born. These archetypes can be found all over the world in any culture and therefore are universal. All of the beliefs and myths we have are all just part of the archetype, nothing is new in the universe and everything has already existed and will continue to exist.  The archetypes examples from mind-body connections include, “She was healthy all her life, when her husband died, she died shortly after from her broken heart,” “ I come to you with a heavy heart,”  “ My heart was broken,” “ I know what you mean,” “ I can feel what you are going thru,” “I can feel your pain,” “I can hear what you are saying,” “I have chills in my spine,” “ I cannot stomach this,” “ My gut feelings.”  The archetype symbols presented, expressed in language, (a wondrous living force which holds in its essence the cultural heritage, great lives and thoughts) represent embodiment of behavioral stances that humans have developed over millennia. They are retrieved from the vast reservoir of human experiences, some of them will occur over and over. It may appear that these symbols possess magical powers.

Let me give you an example: This happened many years ago.  The passion for skiing dominated our lives. This time we ended up at Mammoth Lakes, in a beautiful cabin in the forest, equipped with an outdoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool. It was a cloudless night, with a full moon; the place was pristine with the view of the majestic mountains. The fresh powder on the pines was sparkling in the moonlight. The snow was squeaking under our feet, which meant to me that temperature had to be below -10 degree Celsius. This was one of those nights where you can thank God that you are alive.  That night, we all ended up in the Jacuzzi, with the exception of a newly wed couple. They joined us wearing heavy coats, hats, and scarves covering their faces. They stood on the side watching. After a while I felt very hot. I ran out from the Jacuzzi and jumped in to the pool breaking the thin ice sheet on the surface, swimming under the ice, jumping out of the pool, tumbling in the snow and ending up back in the Jacuzzi again. The guy pulled down his scarf and with a grin of disgust stated, “I cannot stomach this.” They both left the scene and went back to the cabin.

Fifteen minutes later we all went back to the cabin with the intent to prepare diner. The guy, who had just left, was already in bed running a high fever and chills; his body was all red from the temperature. He was in a twilight ready to lose his consciousness. His wife was attending to him and trying to cool him down with a wet towel. She stated that the moment they got back to the cabin he said that he was not feeling well and wanted to lie down. All this happened in the matter of minutes.

Based on the information provided, we can explain what happened that evening. Our behavior is the most unpredictable and uncontrolled when lost in the subconscious mind, trauma surfaces by triggering the subconscious pain point. For me, jumping into an icy pool in the middle of winter was normal. I simply did what was normal for me, what I have been doing since my early childhood. There was no winter, for me, with out ending up in freezing water when the ice broke from underneath me as a child. These incidence usually happened miles away from home, so we, as children, learned how to dry our clothes on ourselves, to hide the evidence from our parents. You have no idea how fast clothes dry in the winter thanks to a process called sublimation.  Coming home with wet clothes in the winter would be a disastrous and traumatic event, you would have to listen to your mother’s lamenting comments, with all the negative possibilities of what could have happened to you, played out over and over, and of course there always was the possibility of punishment from the father.

In the case of our friend, the scene he witnessed at the Jacuzzi, brought to the surface, from the deepest parts of his subconscious mind, a traumatic event associated with winter ice and water. The archetype symbols expressed through language manifested its presents. He felt “chills in his spine,” which represented massive influx of adrenaline from adrenal medulla, then he felt sensation in his stomach, the digestive processes stopped, “I cannot stomach this,” the immune system gets temporarily shut down. The fight or flight response is in full gear. He flees from the scene. The bio-film and planktonic bacteria in his gums detecting that the immune system is shut down, through quorum acting, bacteria launching the attack, and massively entering the blood stream. For each new influx of bacteria and toxins into blood stream, the body reacts with chills and shivering, while the pyrogenic reaction to toxins and bacteria dramatically elevate body temperature. Elevated temperature represents one of the body’s defense mechanism. The conclusion: by activating the memory or belief system of your subconscious mind you can expect the physical response of your body, as the example of my friend’s reaction demonstrated.  If you live unchallenging your negative belief system and allow the continuous flow of negative thoughts, your body will be forced out of haemostatic balance, which will manifest itself in form of chronic disease of the body.

This, next example, is from my personal experience, very traumatic, and debilitating, which I would like to use for this study to dissect the nature and the pattern of the event and put it into a perspective through, which we will get an understanding that will give us the power to face and eliminate or free ourselves from it forever.

The visit of my father was anticipated after over ten years of separation. He got a visa for three months to come to the United States. It turned out that this was his first and last visit. After one month of his staying with us he developed some chest pain, which radiated to his left arm. I took him to the doctor and through out the entire visit I translated the questions and answers back and forth between my father, who did not speak English, and the doctor. It turned out that he had a mild heart attack, which did not require hospitalization, just home rest and medication. Six months after his return home, we received the horrible news that he died from a massive heart attack at his home. They found him dead on the floor.

Rembrandt's "Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulip"

A year later, I got accepted to the Warsaw Medical Academy to study dentistry. In Europe, in order to be a dentist you had to finish medical school. During our third year of study, at which point we were already well adapted to the academic life, after one year of prosectorium, a place in which anatomic preparation are performed where we dissected human bodies from head to toe, and after forensic medicine, we were looking forward to starting work with living patients. In the midst of the first semester, the auditorium was packed with four hundred students; the long anticipated topic of the presentation was the human heart, specifically heart attacks. After a lengthy presentation, the professor started describing the symptoms of a heart attack, pain in the chest, radiating to the left arm. In the same moment when he finished the sentence, I was struck with excruciating pain in my chest, radiating to my left arm, and my fingers became numb. He went on, the pain will shoot across the chest radiating to the shoulder blade and to the mandible. The pain likewise radiated to my shoulder blade and mandible. He continues, the fingernails will become purple, with horror I can see in the front of my eyes how my fingernails changed to purple in seconds. The terrifying thought shooting chills down my spine, “I am having a heart attack!”

At that moment I could not see well. I could hear the professor’s voice, “the patient’s skin became pale covered with cold sweat, grasping for air and finally passing out.” I could feel my entire body covered with cold sweat, while grasping for air and landing on the floor unconscious.  My return back to consciousness was surreal. I was lying down on my back on the cathedra bench surrounded by people. There was only one question on my mind at that point, what happened? What happened to that young man, me, who was never sick, never missed one day of school or work, was this, really a heart attack?

I became a point of interest for the doctors from the Academy. After a battery of tests the hearth attack was categorically excluded. But for me this incident was only the beginning of the nightmare. From then on, any attempt to study or read any text with the word heart, immediately initiated the whole episode over again. After a few days, the attacks started coming without provocation, simply out of the blue.  I woke up with cold sweat, grasping for air, with paralyzing fear, usually two or three times a night. I was afraid to fall asleep. When I fell asleep the nightmares were much worse than reality, I had no control over anything. The medication, which the doctors proscribed, made me mostly sleepy, I could not concentrate or study, and it did not stop the attacks from coming. My body, which served me so well until then, became unreliable, I became truly exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Luckily for me my apartment was only 160 yards away from the door to the ER in the large hospital. This was the longest 160 yards to make under an attack, holding on to the walls, then from tree to tree, or pole to pole, only to open the hospital door and collapse. I made this trip at least 15 times until I finally realized that the doctors could not help me resolve the problem. Thus, by being a victim and allowing to get victimized by this, which I called “it,” I became an observer and started collecting data. I knew already how the attack began, how long it lasted, and how it ended. The more familiar I became with “it” the less freighting it became. I felt that there was hope that “it” was trying to scare me out of my body, and this I would not allow. The victim in me developed the courage and strength to stand up for myself, to live with constant fear was no longer possible or acceptable. I decided to put my life on the line, I was determined and angry and ready to confront “it.” I was convinced that I was dying each of the176 times I counted.

I went to my room and took my academic book; I opened it to the section on heart attacks, and started reading. After the first paragraph “it” started, but this time I was ready.  Mentally I asked this question: “If you have power to take my life, take it now … what are you waiting for?  I am ready, I am waiting … take it!  No … you have no power, you are fake! And now you will leave me forever!” The attack was stopped in its tracks and never happened again.

The trauma hidden in the subconscious mind has many forms to manifest itself and can repeat its manifestation many times. Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, are characterized by intense fear, unease, worry, frustration, anger, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and difficulty breathing. The attacks tend to arise abruptly lasting for 10-15 minutes, in some cases even for several hours. Anxiety becomes a disorder when the symptoms become chronic and start interfering with daily function. Phobias, a type of anxiety disorder, are described as irrational avoidance of things, places and situations. They all are results of unresolved trauma hidden in the depths of our subconscious minds, which when triggered will be played out through physical manifestation.

Additionally, depletion of nutrients and trace minerals in our food supply can play a role in the chemistry of our brains and should be considered as one of the factors, especially in the chronic manifestation of the disorders. Ultimately only we have the power to confront it and remove it. The mechanism is the same in every case.

Sunrise photo




Symbol of creative energy, thinking, enlightenment; spiritual vision, wisdom. Raising sun, birth, creation.








Trusting in the healing powers of your body, of your mind, and of your spirit shall be an integral part of your faith. When you are preparing your healthy salad and cut your finger, you are not going to panic, because you know that little things like cuts, bruises or colds will heal quickly, the same, as you know that the sun will rise tomorrow. The body has taught you that. It is a mater of fact taken for granted.

The human body is genetically designed to heal itself, but what has gotten in the way of our accepting that these healing powers can heal something “deadly” as cancer and how have we learned to accept that cancer is “deadly”? The media tells us about the war on cancer, and the latest cures, and new cancer drugs, and surgical methods. From the special report to American Cancer Society, we learned, that the average life span for patients diagnosed with cancer who sought conventional medical treatment was four years and for those who never sought help, the average life span was 12 years. Then you have your own personal experiences like: your grandma on your father’s side died of cancer and so did her sister, the neighbor down the street, and your best friend at work mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer. We have learned that cancer is deadly, that cancer is stronger than our body’s defense healing ability.
Our beliefs are only taught to us, they are not facts, and they are not even real until we give them credence. What we believe is more important to our reality than anything else. What we do not believe we do not see. And this is exactly how we are conditioned to accept all this, as the only reality, which in consequence will be dominated by fear, and fear is an open gate to manipulation. Fear is contagious and is passed on with ease; it spreads like pandemic flu and is paralyzing the minds of its victims. Do not buy into this, this is the garbage created by the impotence of a man, an offspring of the “ego.” If they convince you that your mind is a garbage can, and you accept that into your belief system it is going to get filled to the rim, and you will be lost, and you will become part of their statistics.  God gave you free will and the freedom of choice, use it, get angry this is the emotion when properly focused can give you enough strength to break away from this madness.

 “Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and good courage; be not afraid,
neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever
thou goes.”
(Joshua 1:9)

 Traditional medicine has led us to believe that healing comes from the outside not from the inside out, and this is heresy equal to the belief that the earth was flat. This is compelling evidence for the archetype belief to emphasize the importance of vision, as the superior way for gathering information, and the fact is that, you can only see what you believe, and therefore you will never see the truth.
Approximately 50% of illnesses, when left alone, will eventually heal itself. The Journal of JAMA reported that 100,000 patients die yearly due to prescription medications, and another 100,000 to medical malpractice. Whenever physicians go on strike the mortality rate goes down. When we put all these pieces of the puzzle together, a clear picture emerges, the ugly face of the disease industry. Americans are spending two trillion dollars on disease care, and the figure is expected to reach a three trillion mark by the end of the decade.  One trillion will be spent on medication produced by the drug cartel. This is the only industry in the world, which is enjoying a profit margin of 3,000% to 5,000% over the coast of raw materials. You can be certain that these trillion dollar cash cows will be protected and defended. The pharmaceutical industry has assembled a pharma-cartel of lobbyists that control not only the medical industry but also the United State’s Congress.  The CBS program, Sixty Minutes, revealed that Congressmen are outnumbered 2 to1 by the lobbyist of the big pharma-industry, with a yearly budget of over $100 million.
Our modern medicine operates on the level of the body and has nothing to do with the healing.  It merely is responding to the crisis manifesting the disease. Fictitious diseases are invented all the time by the pharmaceutical industry for the sole purpose to sell more drugs. It has become apparent, that the more money that is spent on health care, the population becomes sicker over all.  There is something fundamentally wrong with this equation.  I am convinced that the problem originates in our belief system.

 “ If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your
mountain, “move!” and it will move…and nothing will be impossible
for you!”
  (Matthew 17:20)

 When you confidently connect your conscience with you higher self (the inner voice in you, which gets suppressed all the time) and your faith, you become a conscientious Shepard of your body, mind, and spirit and everything that you have, including the trillions of bacteria in your body. If your Shepard is vigilant and alert all the time you, will never get sick, never need a doctor or medication.  But if your Shepard is intoxicated, polluted with wrong beliefs, it is impossible that it will be able to do a good job, and the body and your mind will fall pray to the disease.
I remember when I was in puberty and developed a severe scalp condition; I went to see a dermatologist. She looked at me and said: “there is not much that I can do for you, but anyway you will be bald before you reach thirty.” My inner voice replied automatically:  “First you are going to lose your teeth before I lose my hair.” She gave me a prescription for some stinky cream, which I never used. If my Shepard would not have been vigilant and allowed this message that came from the authority, the doctor to sink in to my subconscious mind, with all probability, the face value of that message, would cut my hair one by one until I became completely bald.

Then, soon after the problem with my scalp, acne started popping up all over my face. This was very embarrassing. And again I went to see a doctor, he examined me very carefully, humming a little through the whole procedure, when he finished, he looked at me and asked: “do you have girlfriend?” I replied “no.” He responded, “when you get one, everything is going to clear up.” It took lots of work to clear up the mess, but the doctor was right. I liked him very much.  This may sound like a little fairytale, but this is how these thing work. That was holistic advice.
The Buddha teaching: “You can even learn from nature,” resonates with me. Everything that I learned about my body happened before I started going to school. From the sun up to the sun down every moment I spent running barefooted through the forest, playing by the lake and the river. Most of the time I was alone, but soon after I discovered that gentle inner voice somewhere inside my head. From that moment I never felt that I was alone, even until today. I start imagining that this voice comes from a tall wise man with white long hair with deep blue eyes, which like lake were reflecting the sky. His long ropes, with their silky shine, which felt like they were radiating light, and could not become dirty. Once I imagined him, for the first time I never had to do this again. I started calling him a man of the forest, because only there I could see him sometimes standing, sometimes sitting down, everywhere else, all I could hear was only his voice. He told me: “Look! Everything here is alive and is intelligent and it knows that you are here, if you learn how to listen they are all going to tell you their stories, they all will be your friends, if you will respect them.”  These are words of wisdom, which are engraved in to my mind. I have never seen the forest man again, but his voice is with me.

After this message sank into my mind, everything changed, suddenly became enchanted and magical.  I was lead to a spot where after spending 15 minutes there my body felt like a feather. I could run so fast and jump so high with an indescribable sensation that was defying gravity.  In the spot where I laid down on the ground and closed my eyes I saw a parade of soldiers in strange uniforms from the ancient past, a man on horses wearing clothes which I have never seen before, and there was a place of enchanted music where sounds were so clear and vibrant, serenading with no direction, I was imbedded in it, feeling that my whole body and every single cell was vibrating with music. Until today I have never heard anything, which would remotely resemble this musical experience.
When I finally put my shoes on and started going to school this capabilities started fading away. I lost my paradise, but not the memory of it, and the belief that the forest, lake, and river will never harm me, because they were my friends. There is no school or university on this earth, which can teach you like nature does.

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Symbol of mother of life; spiritual mystery; death and rebirth; timelessness and eternity.

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