If you are the one who is seeking the truth, with an open mind, deeply sensing that the world we live in is falling apart, that humanity has lost its direction, and that we have built this world of illusion with which we all are identifying our self’s with, then you are not alone.

In this world of illusion nobody wants to know, “who you are,” in the deep sense of the word, they are more interested in, what you are doing, and only for the purpose to attach man-made labels. Once the label becomes attached, we become a commodity.  The label is going to be packaged, repackaged and sold wholesale to the highest bidder without your consent or knowledge.  Everybody wants that label in this virtual world. The assessment of self is shallow, superficial, and delusional. We are facing a thorough identity crises, which reflects on the states of our affairs.

“The humanity [has] lost its way,” says Pope Benedict XVI.
“The human race every one of us is the sheep lost in the desert which no longer knows its way. And there are so many deserts. There is the desert of poverty, the desert of hunger and thirst, the desert of abandonment, of loneliness, of destroyed love.  The earths treasures no longer serve to build God’s garden for all to live in, but they have been made to serve the powers of exploitation and destruction.”

This is the most accurate statement, the naked truth, what we are all facing today.

The biggest problem is that the belief system that we have really is not our own, it is acquired; it is a product of deception and manipulation. Research shows that, whatever beliefs are learned before age 6 will determine the whole life of the individual.  We learn to understand the mechanisms that govern, which are why once beliefs are set; it is difficult or even impossible to change them. It has been established that your subconscious mind, without your awareness, will constantly search your subconscious memory and provide evidence for your established belief system, and close your mind to new ideas, regardless if they are true or not. These are the traits of those, who never find out, who they really are. They spend their lives with closed minds and utilize their powers to defend that status and thanks to them hundreds of brilliant men and women, in the past, were put on stakes and hundreds are ridiculed today. They are the calcified beacons, which will like to stop time, but really they only slow down progress. The enlightened mind knows that in this world of change, nothing, which comes stays. Heraclitus “Panta rei,” everything flows, meaning that everything is constantly changing, from the smallest grain of sand to the stars in the sky.
Max Planck the father of quantum physics theory, shared his thoughts about the subject,  “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing the opponents and making them see the light, but rather its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up, that is familiar with it.” The archetype symbolism has profound influence on the formation of our beliefs, and archetypes have built in systems of control.

“In reality we can never legitimately cut loose from our archetype foundation unless we are prepared to pay the price of a neurosis, any more than we can rid ourselves of our body and its organs without committing suicide.  If we cannot deny the archetypes or otherwise neutralize them, we are confronted … with the task of finding new interpretation, appropriate to this state, in order to connect life of the past that still exist in us with the life of the present, which threatens to slip away from it.” (Essay on Science of Mythology, p. 76)

            If your quest brought you to this web-page, let it be your home-run. Set up your intention to know with focus, desire, and purpose. You come to this life with intention and promise, you took upon yourself the cross, which will be on your back through out this journey, and yet you landed in this life remembering nothing.  “So who am I to pass judgment on you?” The vultures of this world replaced the God with religion, leading you to believe that He is somewhere there, and if you come with your money you can buy a piece of Him, or, even worse, in His name they will send you to kill another man. Do you not see that they are trying to sell you something, which is already yours? The evil forces, through deception, will try to make you believe that you are doing God’s work.

• If you glance through this text, you will gain nothing.

• If you read and skip sentences you will learn nothing.

• If you read the text and reject it, you are not ready to confront
yourself, nor your beliefs.

These pages contain the newest research from the field of medical science, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology on the molecular level of the body function, and physics, philosophies, astronomy and theoretical physics.  The new ideas are superimposed over existing dogmas, dominating the state of our existing medical system and state of our minds. The intent of the author is to create evidence, supported by the latest scientific research, that there is a connection and communication between the mind, body, and spirit, and only the holistic approach to treatment can guarantee true healing, by understanding that only the body, the mind, and the spirit have the power to heal themselves, and we can only provide the environment for this to happen.

At the end of each paragraph, you will find a beautiful majestic picture of our planet, representing the archetypal symbol and powerful message, which shall resonate through your body and mind.  Please stop for a few minutes and while watching the scenery, pay attention to your body, and mind, if any feelings, emotions, or memories emerge, observe how your body is reacting to them. I will recommend taking notes after this experience. The feelings, emotions, or memories can be very deep, sometimes reaching beyond present life experience. It will be very beneficial to consciously relive the experiences before falling a sleep; the morning may bring surprising new revelations.
The ultimate goal for your efforts is to empower you to make a conscience connection with your higher self, which in turn will allow access to universal wisdom.  Reclaim your sovereign status of supreme authority to scrutinize and judge the belief system, which you accepted as your own. Only your higher self was created in the exact image and likeness of God. The mandalas of God are symbols of self. When the cleanup is completed, you will know that the grain of God is in you and with your renewed faith, moving a mountain will not be an issue. You will fulfill your promise.
Your conscience wakes up in this vehicle, the physical body, which is your home for now.  The physical body is an integral part of this reality and subject to every law, which is governing this dimension.  This strange material,  world of decay, pain and suffering become our reality.  The reason why we are here is to learn the purpose to love.  We will take noting back from this journey except the experience.  When you accomplish your mission, never fear death.  Death is a transition of your conscience from one reality to the other; it is a conscious experience that is quite beautiful. The body is the only vehicle we have in this dimension, which will have to last to our graduation. The number one priority is to take care of it, with out your body you will accomplish noting, you will have to abort the mission and definitely this was not your intention.
We learn a lot through out our limited senses about this material world and specially the invisible one.  I sincerely believe that the lists of killer diseases mentioned in this text are preventable, if the causing agents are detected and recognized early. We are offering these services to you through state of the art diagnostic tools and the latest preventive modalities available.  You are invited to visit us and learn more about what is available. Please see the advertisement ( at the beginning of this chapter).

I would like to thank all the scientists and researchers for their work, which are the source of inspiration and education in my research, and to express my deep appreciation to my patients, which freely contributed their time and expertise to move this project forward. Also, special credit to Dr. Robert T. Zahradniak from Oragenics for his support, advise and making available the research materials. To Dr. Virginia M. Miller and her colleagues, from the Department of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering at Mayo Clinic Collage of Medicine, for making available their research papers.

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The symbol of the unconscious; the mysterious secrets; fertility, growth; primitive instincts; the child must enter the forest of unconscious inner self; overcome an impossible task; must face the trail alone to grow, discover mysterious  secrets of himself.

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