Dr. Andre W. Jaskiewicz graduated from the Medical Academy of Warsaw, Poland after a five-year curriculum, obtaining a degree in Stomatology.  In 1982, Dr. Jaskiewicz, completed a two year post-graduate education program, holding a post, as the assistant professor in Cathedra of General Dentistry in Academy, obtaining a first-degree specialty in general dentistry and periodontology. In 1984, Dr. Jaskiewicz, received his dental license, after successfully passing the Board Examinations in the State of California, receiving a title of Doctor of Dental Surgery. In 1985 through 1986, Dr. Jaskiewicz attended Loma Linda University post-graduate Study Club, and received a certification in oral implantology. Among others, Dr. Jaskiewicz holds certifications by Mid American Orthodontic Society, post-graduate certification in functional orthodontic appliances; and the 2001 Cosmetic Orthodontic Associates certification in cosmetic dental aligners. Additionally, the Consumers Research Council of America honored, Dr. Jaskiewicz with the prestigious award, of America’s Top Dentist Award for 2008.  Dr. Jaskiewicz, from 1984 has dedicated his practice to a Holistic Dental Practice in Los Angeles. In the last three years, he has devoted his time to extensive research in the subject of “ Human’s as the echo-system for bacterium.”

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