This is us viewed from the surface of Mars, the magnificent spark of reflected light on Martian sky, the home of our reality,the Mother Earth.

This is about us, Human Beings, living in an ecosystem of our planet Earth, which is a tiny pebble in the vast Universe we all are part of. We are equipped with a powerful consciousness of self, being a center of the Universe yet still preserving and including the whole of all there is. We are still struggling with the acceptance of the fundamental concept that Mind, Body, and Spirit, is one inseparable whole in perfect harmony with each of its basic components, with constant balanced energy flow through the system, keeping its function in perfect dynamic equilibrium. The slightest environmental changes can disrupt this delicate balance and then from the state of harmonic health, the system can be disrupted to the state of imbalanced disease. Many factors and circumstances can affect and disrupt the balance of energy flow, rendering the negative manifestation of system failure. The mitigation measures required to restore the balance can only be of a holistic nature, addressing the three elements simultaneously.  The powerful unshakeable consciousness will play a pivotal role in guiding of the energy needed to establish an uninterrupted flow to balance the system. The human body is a part of this system in the material reality.


Let’s scrutinize our physical existence and find out what we actually are made of and what constitutes our Human Body? According to published research the Human Body is built out of cells that number 10 to the 14th power, which is equivalent to a 100 trillion cells. The “Microbiota” represents a number of bacteria in an ecosystem which for the Human Body is estimated to be 10 bacteria for every single cell. Therefore 90% of the cells in our body are not human in origin, but are microscopic bacteria.  The majority of the body mass is represented by water which constitutes 75% of our body mass, so from 100% of the body mass only 2.5% is really human. Not much, but enough to fall in love with.

Colony of bacteria

Bacteria Colony

The situation does not look any better when we consider the Human Genome.  It is estimated that the body is controlled by 20,500 genes, whereas the small fruit fly (drosophila melanogaster) is controlled by 13,500 genes, and the round worm by 18,000 genes, so our genome does not look impressive in relation to these creatures. For a moment, let’s look at the most abundant occupants of our body, bacteria, a thousand trillion of them.  When we break them down to approximately 1,000 known species, each containing 2,500 genes, which will bring the overall pool to 2.5 million genes, versus our 20,500 genes, we have 2.5 million controllers versus our 20,500 controllers.  One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who will control whom, the numbers loudly speak for themselves.


The Human genome is less than 1%, the other 99% is the controlling genome of bacteria. Bacteria are not new to this planet; they were here for billions of years developing and testing the strategies of survival. Whatever is in its armory is not accidental, they are sound strategies perfected and tested through time. We, by our research and utilizing our knowledge can manipulate to obtain control of the pathogen, but when you will scrutinize these processes you will find that the opposite is true. We are manipulated by the pathogens; they are influencing and altering the behavior of the host which will aid with the parasitic activity. There are hundreds of known strategies of this phenomena, in some instances the transmission of pathogen is enhanced by harming a host, making it available to vector or become a predator in others, minimizing harm to the host to protect the parasite’s stake in the future. For example, the virus that causes rabies infects areas of the brain that influence the aggressive behavior of the host, which then uses the nervous system to access the salivary glands where it multiplies rapidly, paralyzing the swallowing muscles of the throat. Swallowing is impaired, virus laden saliva collects, and when the host bites a potential other host, the transmission is completed.


In our reality of our mother earth the 7 billion of us ( and counting ) are working tirelessly to dissolve the delicate fabric of our environment. You my say that whatever we do with our planet, pathological bacteria does with our body. We are also, each one of us, the ecosystem for 1,000 trillions of bacteria, we are the multiple universes for them multiplied by 7 billion of us on the planet, the numbers are astronomical. The bacteria manage to colonize every single one of us without exception, this is their world and they have full control of it.

Milky Way Galaxy
In the physical plane, our presence is represented by 2.5% of the whole. Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is estimated to have 200 billion stars and the single cell of our body contains about 100 times as many atoms than the galaxy has of stars. In order to build one human cell you will have to have 200 trillions atoms available for the task. For the moment, let’s try to visualized how big a trillion really is, the numbers popping out lethally more often all over the media, associating trillions with national deficit, but I think that there are only a handful of people who can really visualize how big these numbers are. Let’s start with something familiar, a single dollar bill.  Let’s stack them tightly in bundles on 3’x3’ standard pallet so we end up with the cube 3’x3’x3’. Then we put the pallets on top of each other, so now we will have a cube 3x’3’x6’ the size of a grown man. Now we need to find proper storage and I will propose a football field. In order to stack your double pallets of one dollar bills tightly from edge to edge of the field’s grass, you will need to acquire a hundred stadiums from most major American cities, or a parcel of 132 acres! So if someone will offer you a trillion dollars in cash, please be prepared before you claim it.

1 trilion dollars in 1$ bills in double stacked pallets = 132 acres which is the size of DISNEYLAND PARK in Anaheim

1 trilion dollars in 1$ bills in double stacked pallets covers area of 132 acres which is the size of DISNEYLAND PARK in Anaheim / California

Now equipped with this understanding of how big a number a trillion really is, we can look back on the numbers above and below in order to appreciate the vastness of the universe above us and below us.

On our earthly plane the dominant factor shaping our activity is human scale through applied standards accommodating our needs of survival and procreation. I do not think that it is a coincidence that the Human body mirrors the planet’s distribution of 75% water and 25%  land mass. This seems to be a blueprint repeated throughout living organisms. If you will allow your consciousness to travel through space and approach our blue planet at night you will notice that all the visible land mass will be outlined by light and the interior will remain relatively dark. This observation will allow you to draw the conclusion that the species dwelling on that planet has the preference to live on the edge of the continents, and this is a fact. 80% of the human population is living on the shores,  taking advantage of the two worlds aquatic and solid. You will learn later that bacteria do the same thing. When you look at the numbers you will find that there is a universal relation between the size and numbers.  For every plane you step down the size dramatically gets smaller and the numbers or quantity get dramatically larger.

Lights on Earth visible from space

Middle East area. Lights visible from the space - 80% of the human population living on the shores

The universe is a continuum from the smallest of the small to the biggest of the big suspended in the infinite non-reality of space in perpetual motion. When you are sitting in your chair doing absolutely nothing you actually are traveling through the universe with a combined speed of three million kilometers per hour. If you were to turn your direction toward the Sun and travel at that speed, you would arrive at that destination in two days and two hours.
The smallest of the small is known as Planck’s limit represented by an inconceivable fraction that can be written out as 1/10 followed by 32 zeros.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Next time when you look at the night sky instead of seeing the space among the stars as black, cold and lifeless, one should look through a physicist’s eyes and see it as a pocket with unseen energy waiting to coalesce to atoms.
It was estimated that one cubic decimeter of that space contains eight hundred thousands volts of energy in it. Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) was one of a very few people who had an understanding of it and he was able to tap into this limitless energy.



Let’s look down from our dimension and our reality to the next level below our plane. This phenomenon will be well illustrated when we will step down to the cellular and bacteria level.
One Human body: 100 trillion cells, 1000 trillion bacteria and 75% of colloidal suspension of our inner ocean. The next step down level is a molecular plane. This is the place of all the logistics of the living organism. Everything happens at that plane: genes expression, communication, languages cellular and bacterial, building-block proteins, hormones, enzymes, factors, electrolytes, weapons, defenses, immune responses. What happens here directly affects the function and well-being of the multi-cellular organism.
The next step down is a level of the universe consisting of atoms. Here there is a  dramatic decrease in size and increase in quantities. Atoms form molecules and very seldom exist in the free form. It is important to comprehend that an atom is made up of  vast empty space. Let’s look at the smallest element of the material universe, the atom of hydrogen. It contains a nucleus which is made up of proton and neutron spinning in a very tight orbit with the electron spinning around nucleus at nearly the speed of light.

Atom of Hydrogen

            Let’s imagine that our sun is that nucleus of a hydrogen atom and Pluto, the farthest known planet in the solar system, is a spinning electron. In order to make a realistic model of the hydrogen atom we would have to move Pluto 12 times further away from his existing orbit around the sun! This picture illustrates that the atom is a vast empty space with a lot of energy in the system. 99.99999999% of the atom is a void, and since we all, including the whole universe, are made of atoms, then practically we are made out of the void. The emptiness of the atom is proportional to emptiness of the universe.
The last plane of the frontier of the material universe is the plane of sub-atomic particles, with mass infinitely small and the numbers infinitely large. Sub-atomic particles are the building blocks of proton and neutron, the quarks which are held in place by gluons, and the gluons are energized by tachyons. This of course is a very simplified presentation of this highly sophisticated complex system. I came across a very significant statement from the mouth of the particle physicist: “A particle possesses a metaphysical property, it appears from nowhere and it disappears to nowhere.”  I do have a problem with this statement specifically the “nowhere.” Nature does not build one-legged universes, everywhere you look you will find dualities which actually balance each other. This is essential to existence and is manifest everywhere in matter, physics, and life. Examples are: matter/anti-matter, positive/negative, proton/electron, yin/yang, good/evil, love/hate. So we can clearly see that there is a balanced zone in every spectrum where none of the extremes can manifest their domination, and that balanced zone is the sanctuary for life and well being.

God's particles

Let’s look for a moment at the big picture. In the universe itself we know that there are parts of the cosmos where there are extreme conditions of temperatures, pressures and gravitational waves, radiation, running into millions degrees and on the other end there is an absolute zero. And yet in that vast space you can find an area where the ideal condition exists, with the perfectly balanced forces of nature harmonically tuned to promote the existence of life with all its diversity. These areas are attracting a perpetual flow of movement between the material world and the tachyon universe where the transformation of energy into non-energy occurs spontaneously, effortlessly and freely in both directions. The notion of “nowhere” completely disregards the existence of duality and presents only half of the picture of an unbalanced material world, a one-legged reality hanging like a cliff ready to collapse to its oblivion. This notion is begging to be balanced. The existence of duality  allows for existence of the parallel reality of non material pure form of energy which  is totally non specific, and exists in space free from the constriction of the speed of light and is not subjected to any physical laws of this world.
Gerald Feinberg in 1960 introduced to physics a new concept defining matter.  He said, “The material universe is a very dense form of energy.” I will add to this “a very dense form of energy entrapped in time.” The entrapment in time is important because it places the energy into this dimension of space and time.  Taking this concept and bringing it into the relation of subatomic particles, we are able to explain where the particles disappear to and where they coming from. We know that particles are characterized by mass and energy:  the smaller the mass, the higher the energy. The non- material particles are dwelling in non-material reality of oneness-singularity where past, present and future are one in the infinite state of non-reality. Because they are faster than light, they simultaneously exist everywhere. which substantiates omnipotence and omnipresence, a purely metaphysical concept: the attribute of the Creator himself. This can only occur in faster than light speeds where time and space collapse and no longer exist.
So we have a dilemma now: if the space and time collapse and no longer exist, what happened to it? Does it disappear to nowhere? If the particle disappears so can the whole universe. So the only place it can disappear to will be an infinite state of non-reality. The infinite state is a concept which cannot be grasped by intellect or mental manipulation, the comprehension of infinity can only be attained through experience. The Bible says: “Ask, and you get the answer; knock, and the door will open,” and that how it is. The statements are simple, but they come without instruction. Who should I ask the question to, where is the door to knock on?

Garden photo


The symbol of balance and harmony; Devine order, union of Devine and material, two trees in the garden symbolize ultimate unity; male, female; yin and yang; paradise, innocence, unspoiled beauty.

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